Job submission

Creating a job:

T orun a job on the system, you need to create a job script. A job script is a reqular shell script either bash or csh with some directives which specifies number of cpus, memory etc. Then, this will be interpreted by the batch system on submission. Below is a very basic job sample script:

#This is an example script
#These commands set up the Grid Environment for your job:
#PBS -N ExampleJob
#PBS -l nodes=1,walltime=00:01:00
#PBS -q np_workq
#PBS -m abe

#print the time and date

#wait 10 seconds
sleep 10

#print the time and date again

Once you have your job script ready, you can use qsub command as follows:

qsub <your job script file>

Manage a job:


A jobś lifecycle can be manage with as little as three different commands:

a) submit the job with qsub yourjobscript.shb)

b) Use showq to check the status of the job. If you want to dsplay only your job use, showq -u username

c) Although this is option but useful, qdel job_id

How can I submit Many jobs in one command:

qsub -t 1-20 testjob

This command will send testjob 20 times into the queue system. This can be