In gardar software installation and mangement is done  by modules.  Once you logged into the gardar, module command is available in your environment.


To see which modules are loaded in your session, use the command:

module list


To see which modules are available in the system or to list the complete application, use the command:

module avail


Loading module to your environment, you can use following command for instance to load boost/1.48.0

module load boost/1.48.0

This will load the boost 1.48.0 version



To unload the module, use the following command

module unload boost/1.48.0

This will unload the boost/1.48.0  version from your environment


Which version of a module is the default ?

for instance to check boost application, simply use the command:

module show boost

This will show the version and the path of the module


You can also switch to a different version of a module, switiching to another version is similar to loading a specific version. For example if you want to switch from the default (your current ) Intel compliers version to version 10.1 type, you can use command:

module switch intelcomp intelcomp/10.1


Switching to a different version of a mdoule, lets assume you want to switch intel complier version 10.1 to 10.2 , simply use command:

module switch intel-compiler/10.1 intel-compiler/10.2