Network connetion to Iceland

Network connection to Iceland had been always a question prior to itś link upgraded to 10Gb/s few years ago. However this has now changed, currently the Icelandic University Research Network(RHnet) provide very good connection to and from Iceland. The Icelandic University Research Network (RHnet) was formally established on january 24, 2001. Its objective is to link together Icelandic universities and research institutions by means of an high capacity computer network, and supply services in the field of computer communications, both domestically and internationally.The RHnet handles relation with NORDUnet, which is the collective university and research net of the Nordic countiires. Iceland network connection to other countries can be seen in the map below:

Iceland Connectivity


Current Connectivity to Reykjavik, Iceland is 10Gb/s via the DANICE cable, 2.5Gb/s on FARICE and 4Gb/s on GREENLAND Connect. Overview of the RHnet, the Icelandic NREN can be seen in the link below:

Network overview

Network Traffic