The NHPC System

The name of the system is Gardar.

Gardar is an HP BladeCenter cluster consisting of one frontend (management, head) node, 2 login nodes and 288 compute nodes running Centos Linux managed by Rocks. Each node contains two Intel Xeon Processors with 24GB memory. The compute nodes are located in HP racks. Each HP rack contains three c7000 Blade enclosures where each enclosure contains 16 compute nodes.

Gardar has a separate strorage sysetm. The X9320 Network storage system is available to the entire cluster and uses the IBRIX Fusion software. The total usable storage of X9320 is 71.6TByte. The storage system is connected to the cluster with an Infiniband QDR network.

About the name Gardar

Gardar Svavarsson, a Swedish man, was the second Viking to sail to Iceland (after Naddodd). He wanted to know more about the island, sailed around it and found out that it was a big island. During the winter, he stayed with his men in the northern part of the country. They had to build some houses to live in and ever since the place has been called 'Husavik' (House Bay), now a village. Gardar and his men are considered by many to be the first Scandivians to have lived in Iceland.

Nordic High Performance Computing System .

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